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Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

MorselThree amazing clinicians and I have put together a collaborative practice called Greater Boston Wellness Collaborative. Karen Chinca, Dana Greene, Lauren Manasse, and I met through sharing clients.

We will be keeping our separate private practices while also working together collaboratively to help patients and clients with disordered eating navigate different levels of care with an outpatient team (us!) who can help them across the spectrum.

Our collaborative practice can make it easier to navigate the waters of finding providers within a team as we are one already. Clients will benefit from the close comradery and above the bar collaboration we provide. Please contact us and check out our new website which has just launched!

Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper SmallHeidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, is yet another RDN who is also a supervisor in the field of eating disorders (and in the Boston area!).  Her new book, Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self , has just been released on Amazon and this month’s morsel is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise with you! I have delved into her words myself and am truly enjoying Heidi’s new book! Excerpted from the back cover:BookCoverSmall

“Food is Love (But Don’t Eat Too Much!)” 

Eat less. Eat clean. Avoid these foods. Eating is a life-giving pleasure, but confusing messages from the diet and nutrition industries may leave you wondering what to eat.

Do you find yourself:

  • Eating food that doesn’t nourish or energize you?
  • Munching mindlessly or emotionally?
  • Flipping between feeling “good” and “bad”about your eating?
  • Thinking about food and your body more than you’d like?

Discover how to trust your body, and to eat with love and common sense:

  • Eat without deprivation or overeating
  • Accept your body and trust its wisdom
  • Deal with setbacks, destructive thoughts, and self-defeating attitudes
  • Create healthy habits to nurture yourself
  • Ditch dieting so you free yourself to live a life you love.

Nourish will guide you to transform your eating from self-control to self-love, usinga 10-step healing process. In this book, Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S,founder of Nourishing Words Nutrition Therapy, shares 20 years of wisdom from her Boston-area practice in disordered and emotional eating.