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Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

2ae280de-905d-451e-a902-c19b2bd97b25By now you’ve all heard about the Starbucks Unicorn drink…

A few clients have asked me what I think and I decided to share a colleagues posts that hit the mark.

As you know I’m not a fan of the words good, bad, sorry or should in or around food or your body. So why the food shaming and Unicorn shoulding?

Get over it.

It WAS just a drink!

Give food permission to be fun (even if its pink)!

Thank you, Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN

Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

2ae280de-905d-451e-a902-c19b2bd97b25Again, this year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is ‘Put Your Best Fork Forward’.

Here is the link to the Academy’s website full of tools, games, recipes, and solid science based information on how you can do this at home, at work, at school – all the time.

Eat Right

Putting my best fork forward means eating when I’m hungry, choosing the foods that work best for my body in terms of likes, dislikes, and energy needs.

It also means using my fingers to eat my favorite cookies, pizza, or berries, and knowing when to put my fork down because I’m full.

How will you put your best fork forward this month? Perhaps as a segway from those New Year’s (resolutions) intentions that seem so far away?