What’s New in Food and Nutrition

Imagine 10,000 dietitians and those involved in our field descending on a city. I have just arrived back after attending such an inspiring conference and expo and would love to share some of what I learned…

Buy the book The Blue Zones Solution for yourself or for your favorite friend or family member who is always talking about the latest diet trend. The catch? This is not a trend, it’s tried and true. I picked up The Blue Zones Solution, by Dan Buettner early this year after reading about the concepts in a NYTs article in the fall of 2014.

Following a discussion at FNCE by Dr. David Katz, I was convinced further of like-minded folks and concepts. If you enjoy these e-Newsletters and like my take on nutrition, this book will be a great addition to your library. Remember with any book or nutrition recommendation – take away the pieces that work for you. More on this again soon!

Notable foods to keep in your kitchen and pantry:

  • Organic Valley now makes a pre-made shake called Organic Fuel with 26 grams of protein, available in chocolate and vanilla. If you are looking for a great post-workout beverage, this one does not need to be refrigerated (but tastes better cold). By pairing this with fruit it’s a complete post workout recovery snack. I like this product because it’s made with organic milk as a base (think pre and post-practices and games for your growing teenagers!).  I don’t think we need to buy organic all the time, but if doing so is your method, add this product to your list. Also, the link above includes coupons!
  • I have touted Orgain before, and it still makes my list for protein shakes. Tastes great, but more focused on an adult looking for high protein, lower kcals, lower carbs (think men/women watching their nutrition pre or post workout). The link above has a special for October.

  • Gathered Table – This is a website and tool for creating menus and grocery lists to match  – with optional grocery delivery in a range of options like dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and all ranges of vegetarianism –  and it’s all online. Run, do not walk, to your electronic device of choice!
  • Water Flavor – In our house of four kids with a multitude of food allergies and preferences we also keep processed foods like different types of cheese (Cabot and Laughing Cow have great options, crunchy snacks like Goldfish and Tricuits (these are both nut and treenut free), etc.

    The kids also love flavored water and I have been looking for an alternative for a while. I came across Stur at FNCE and I love it! Made with Stevia and coming in a variety of flavors, it will definitely help mine and your athletic bunches keep hydrated.

  • Don’t forget about potatoes and eggs folks – they have had a tough go-through the past few decades because of media harshness, but are both inexpensive, versatile, and can find a daily place in our diets – and they have both always been healthy. Noting again that I’m on the Health Professional Advisory Panel for the Egg Nutrition CenterHere I am below with my favorite spud at FNCE in Nashville!
  • I also learned at FNCE that while October is a themed month for many things – quite notably Breast Cancer Awareness, it’s also National Seafood Month. Why is seafood important?

    Three key reasons: 

    • Eat Seafood, Live Longer: Eating seafood 2-3 times per week can decrease risk of both heart disease and stroke.
    • Seafood is an extremely high quality protein: Benefits across the lifespan from fetal development to cognitive sharpness in older adults makes seafood a nutrition powerhouse.
    • Seafood is delicious, versatile, and budget friendly: Fresh, frozen, or canned are all quick and tasty meal options all year round.

    Here are some wonderful recipes to share with you from the Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

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    Next year, FNCE is in Boston! After all the amazing new things I learned at this year’s conference, I can’t wait to see what 2016’s will have in store!