The Importance of Having Fun

During patient consults, we talk about “the usual,” such as medication regimen, nourishment and movement. Depending on the patient, we might also discuss certain events in their life pertinent to these questions and delve into very specific pieces around sleep. These are topic areas and questions that you’d expect during a combined medicine for the… Continue reading… The Importance of Having Fun

Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

I’m excited to continue to share new episodes of The NPRD podcast with you! There are several new episodes that you can tune into here, and they include:  Are You Experiencing “Compassion Fatigue?” Licensed Therapist, Brooke Huminski, Shares How to Cope Recovery Through the Eyes of Monika Ostroff, Executive Director of the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association… Continue reading… Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

The NPRD Podcast is live!

The inspiration for The NPRD podcast occurred following my interview with Olympic skier, Jessie Diggins. Jessie sought treatment for her own ED; she shares her inspiring and powerful story here. I was proud of my first foray into interviewing and was so energized by it, too! I thus decided to create my own podcast to share… Continue reading… The NPRD Podcast is live!

Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

If you’re like me, it’s not easy to get a warm dinner on the table after work five nights a week so when I found a local, sustainable and affordable way to make this happen, I was over the moon! I learned about WECO through a friend early into lockdown, when work acuity and volume were high.… Continue reading… Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Three Big Announcements

1. Nutrition Mentor is now…The NPRD!  My new name and brand incorporates much more of where my practice has been flowing and certainly the direction of continued growth. As a nurse practitioner and registered dietitian working in private practice using both modalities, my new name is a reflection of the care that I deliver. If… Continue reading… Three Big Announcements