Finding Symmetry

I don’t know about you, but when I meet folks who are similar to me in very specific ways, it sparks excitement and connection. In this first podcast of our new season, we welcomed Kortney Brown, NP, RD and Whitney Trotter, MS, RDN/LDN, RN, RYT. We are all dietitians and nurses and two of us are nurse practitioners.… Continue reading… Finding Symmetry

Big News – Revealed!

We have big news this month and can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s a hint – our practice is growing – read on to get details!  Starting February 22nd, Emily Pardue, PMHNP, is officially joining my practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Emily will be building her outpatient practice over the next few… Continue reading… Big News – Revealed!

The Importance of Having Fun

During patient consults, we talk about “the usual,” such as medication regimen, nourishment and movement. Depending on the patient, we might also discuss certain events in their life pertinent to these questions and delve into very specific pieces around sleep. These are topic areas and questions that you’d expect during a combined medicine for the… Continue reading… The Importance of Having Fun

New Year’s Intentions – My Promises to You

When you flipped the calendar to 2021 – how did that change feel to you? You may have felt relief. Hope. Perhaps even unsettled as the first week of January evolved. However you are feeling, explore those feelings. I hope 2021 is full of wonderful things for you.  I’d like to share my five top intentions… Continue reading… New Year’s Intentions – My Promises to You

What I learned in 2020…

1. Kids really are resilient  This year my son, currently a junior in college, and my daughter, currently a 3rd grader, went fully virtual for their education. Perhaps your children did the same.  My son quarantined off campus in New York City and my daughter stayed at home with me.  We also moved to a… Continue reading… What I learned in 2020…