Why I Took a Social Media Sabbatical (and Happy New Year!)

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Often I find it too stimulating and full of comparisons. Most of the time, it makes me miss my communities rather than feel like I’m surrounded by like minded folks. Because of my ambivalence, I took a ‘sabbatical’ from professional posting from August of 2023 through… Continue reading… Why I Took a Social Media Sabbatical (and Happy New Year!)

Three Big Announcements

1. Nutrition Mentor is now…The NPRD!  My new name and brand incorporates much more of where my practice has been flowing and certainly the direction of continued growth. As a nurse practitioner and registered dietitian working in private practice using both modalities, my new name is a reflection of the care that I deliver. If… Continue reading… Three Big Announcements

Nutrition Trends from FNCE

I left FNCE this year with three main questions. Read me out and let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear from you! Imagine rows and rows of food brands. Then take this image to tasting, learning, and understanding how these foods can help the clients and patients you see in private practice.… Continue reading… Nutrition Trends from FNCE

Can Protein Needs For Men Be Met By Food Alone?

Even though I ask both male and female clients about supplements it’s usually the men who are the most interested in protein. When we look at protein intake we generally think of meat, chicken, or fish. One of the mainstays in the Advisory Report to the Dietary Guidelines this year focuses on taking in less… Continue reading… Can Protein Needs For Men Be Met By Food Alone?

Creating Nutritional Balance With Supplements

Each time I meet with any client for an initial nutrition session one of the questions I ask are what supplements they take and why. While supplements need to all be individualized there are some general guidelines to follow. Please note I am not recommending every single person take these, but reviewing guidelines and specificities… Continue reading… Creating Nutritional Balance With Supplements