Giving to YOU!

One of my clients this week let me know that our one year anniversary of working together was coming up in January. She went on to tell me the appointments and our work together made her feel ‘hopeful’ at that time in her life and still do currently. ‘It’s gone even better than I thought it would and now that we’ve been working together I can self-motivate’.

There are many clinicians who do the same work I do. What makes me feel different in the work I do with my clients is mentoring rather than counseling. Don’t get me wrong –  there is definitely a big part of food and body image therapy that we also work on together.

The particular client referenced above is also one for which I prescribe medicine for mood. This person and I work on nutrition, body image, and medicine as it relates to mood and decisions around these three pieces. It did not take her a year to feel hopeful, but the anniversary of the beginning of the work and appointments to count on continue to help her feel strong. This person also has an exceptional therapist with whom I collaborate regularly as I strongly believe in a team approach to care.

As we move from the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), the winter solstice, on 12/21 (tomorrow!), past Chanukah which ends tonight, and into Christmas and the new year, try giving to YOU.

What would this giving look like right now, in the present, not waiting for a resolution? Is it having more of a particular holiday food because it’s the season and feeling pleasantly full as an effect? Is it getting in a walk with a friend or family member to clear your mind? Is it eating meals and snacks regularly before bigger holiday meals and or celebrations to  keep feeling satiated in check? What does giving look like as time moves ahead? It’s my wish for you that your moments during this time are full of hope. That you might be able to keep your center present enough for that hope to shine now and moving forward into the new year.

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