Grateful For My Village

A few years ago when I took the plunge to redesign my website (for the third time), little did I realize I would be embarking in a longer and much more fruitful work endeavor all around. I got married, moved, and had another baby just the year before. My husband and I were (and still are) committed to blending our families and keeping this a priority.

I decided to work with Belinda Wasser of RocketGirl Solutions, to help me look more  big-picture. In our first meeting, I could tell Belinda had ideas that I had not yet been able to see and she was going to help me get to many next steps.

Belinda is the mastermind behind this e-Newsletter and my commitment to it. She’s responsible for allowing me to expand and use a new electronic medical record system, called Healthie. This also allows me to consolidate a few programs into one – saving both money and time.

Two years into working with Belinda I knew I needed more help. I had started a billing system with the company HealthyBytes. My practice was growing as I began accepting more insurance providers, and I had further decided to expand my practice in prescribing medicine incorporating more of the nurse practitioner role.

My assistant, Tracy Tuplin, and I had been friends and worked together years before. She was the first person I called for this position, and – just like the dress – she said yes! Tracy puts all of the initial client paperwork together, prepares clients for their first & subsequent meetings with me, submits all my billing, and confirms all client appointments.

As time moved along I also felt I needed an editor for my monthly e-Newsletters. I have written about Jenna before. She was an intern with me 10 months ago and her entrepreneurial spirit was and is catching. 

I saw some of myself in her as after her dietetics internship she moved back to Montana to pursue her dietetics career in a part of the country she loves. Jenna is starting her own practice in Montana while working as a dietitian in other realms.

When you work by yourself (and for yourself) it can be a little bit isolating at times. I share space with other clinicians and collaborate with professionals for clients, but having my go-to team as a virtual office has been amazing.

Three women and two additional companies help me see clients in a practice capacity with which I am very proud. Healthie and HealthyBytes are in NYC and neither Belinda (Connecticut), nor Tracy (South Carolina), nor Jenna (Montana) live in Massachusetts.

We are a virtual team and without them I would not be able to do what I do. I chose to write about them this month to say thank you, in gratitude, for their help, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, and capacity with others. They smile in their emails, on the phone, and through their work. Thank you, ladies, for helping me get to do what I love. You are my professional village (and dear friends)!