A newfound understanding of myself.

“Robyn is an exceptional human being and professional and an essential part of my team. Although I first came to Robyn to help manage medication, she has become so much more than that to me and a crucial part of my recovery. She helped me understand and debunk a lot of myths and untruths I was telling myself, never overstepping on my therapists’ or nutritionists’ toes but always complimenting them seamlessly. On top of getting useful, applicable and practical advice, I always left sessions with a newfound understanding of myself and my goals for the short and long run. I am so deeply appreciative of how supported I have felt with her non-judgmental, holistic guidance; she is a wealth of knowledge, a kind , approachable, graceful and poised professional. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

It’s a blessing to have Robyn as part of my support team.

“I came to Robyn needing help with mental stress. Robyn has and continues to actively listen to my concerns and support my strengths. When discussing pharmacological support, Robyn is informed and highly transparent in her recommendation. She takes a steady approach and long term focus on my care and well being. It is a blessing to have her as part of my support team. I have found with her help and finding a great fit with medication, it helps me take my feet out of the mud so I can walk.”

The ability to trust myself again.

“Robyn granted me the most powerful and important gift of all — the ability to trust myself again. She did not tell me what to eat, instead she taught me to relearn from within, what I enjoyed to eat — ranging from what made my body feel good & efficient, to what I LOVED to enjoy. Instead of googling the dinner menu before going to a restaurant, I now have the ability & knowledge to show up, look at the menu, and choose based upon my internal needs — do veggies sound really refreshing right now? Am I craving some carbs? Does that chicken dish sound great, and something I’d love to try? — Robyn taught me to not only find that inner voice that was there all along, but to also listen & honor it. When you listen to that intuitive voice, you no longer feel like you’re fighting with your body/yourself. Robyn taught me that. Yes there were challenges, times I felt like I had misstepped – but having Robyn to guide and reassure me, made a world of a difference. I truly credit Robyn for helping to free & heal my mind from the diet culture, and help to nourish my body in every way possible. I am the most balanced I have ever been in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful. You made my years!”

Robyn’s holistic approach is the real deal.

“From the first day I met Robyn, I knew that I was in open, caring, and capable hands. In just a few months, she has helped me to find medications that work for me and to soften into a sustainable sleeping pattern. Robyn’s holistic approach is not a talking point. It’s the real deal.”

I have begun to find my purpose.

“I have worked with Robyn both in high school and college, for a total of five years and we’re still working together.. That said, she has played a pivotal role in my growth from a teenager to adult. We have worked together through my eating disorder, anxiety and depression. Mental illness treatment isn’t always easy, but I always knew Robyn had my best interest and that I could trust her. She is incredibly understanding, caring and passionate about her work. I hope to continue these traits in my own nursing career, which Robyn played an important role in inspiring. Four years ago I couldn’t even imagine where I am now, or that I could be considered a success story, but through my work with Robyn I have surpassed my personal goals and begun to find my purpose. She is amazing.”