Conversations with the Inspiring Robyn Kievit

BostonVoyager interviewed Robyn and asked many questions about her story & who she looks to as inspiration! 

What RD's Do!, April, 2018.

What exactly do registered dietitians do? Read more here in my interview with Stephanie Langdon from her website What RDs Do!

The Eggs Have It!

Watch Robyn’s latest video to learn more about cutting edge science on eggs. Robyn shares the latest information from the Egg Nutrition Center and her own take as a nurse practitioner and expert the field of nutrition and dietetics. Click here to watch the video now.

Egg Nutrition Center Blog, August, 2017

The three words ‘back to school’ can bring a shudder or relief to many families. With the pressure of readying for back to school comes grocery shopping and meal planning around tight schedules. As a guest blogger, Robyn shares her insights on how the versatility of eggs can come to the rescue.

Fox News Lifestyle, April 2017

Read meat has been demonized for years.   In this article for Fox News, Red meat can be healthy — when you eat it this way Robyn shares her expertise on how meat can fit into a healthy diet.

Fitness Magazine, November 2016

In this article, The Definitive Guide On What to Eat Before a Morning Workout, Robyn shares her secret to making the most of your workouts.

Meet The Expert: Robyn Kievit

Robyn is honored to be featured as a expert.  Read more about Robyn’s story and her thriving business.

Nurse Practitioner Perspective, July 2016

What healthcare providers (and consumers!) need to know.  Read The New Dietary Guidelines to find out about Robyn’s 5 key points.

Advance for Nurses Magazine, July 2016

The New Dietary Guidelines, What healthcare providers (and consumers!) need to know. Read Robyn’s 5 key points.

Six Concord Tipsters Offer Their Hangover Remedies

‘Tis the season for fellowship, fun and – at least for some – hangovers.  What to do to avoid that morning-after dry mouth, headache, shakiness and regret?  Read what Robyn Kievit and five other experts have to say.

Advanced Healthcare Network, July/August 2015

How to Choose a Multivitamin and Other Supplements

Advanced Healthcare Network, June 2015

Gluten-Free Diets for Healthy Patients
A dietitian’s perspective

WBZ-CBS Radio Interview with Jordan Rich

Tune in to hear Robyn discuss the Gluten Controversy in this July, 2015 interview.

WBZ-CBS Radio Interview with Jordan Rich

Tune in to hear Robyn discuss Healthy Eating Patterns and Eggs in this June, 2015 interview

Nurse Practitioner Perpective Magazine: Gluten-Free Diets for Healthy Patients, May/June 2015

Twenty years ago, we were inundated with information about the health benefits of a fat-free diet. We thought that if we advised our patients to eat fat-free foods, they would lose weight, reduce heart disease and diabetes, and have better nutrition practices. Read the full article here…

Nutrition Unscrambled Blog, May 2015

Confusing nutrition messages are often linked to timing of meals and types of foods, but struggling consumers can take action by eating nutritious choices relatively more frequently and earlier in the day. Check out this article to learn more from Robyn about this timely topic.

WBZ-CBS Radio Interview with Jordan Rich

Highlighting National Nutrition Month 2015 – Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle. 

WBZ-CBS Radio Interview with Jordan Rich

It’s National Nutrition Month 2014. Tune in to hear Robyn discuss new food label guidelines, pistachios and the truth behind nutrition and wheat.

Fox News

Eating on a student budget is difficult! Read how Robyn recommends you can still eat healthy, even in the dining hall, and what exactly you need to keep in the kitchen or dorm room in order to prepare and eat the most nutritious foods.

WDIS FM Radio Interview

Is bigger still nutritious? Robyn discusses which beverage sizes are the right size to consume for caloric intake, as well as other general nutrition guidelines to keep in mind.

WBZ-CBS Radio Interview with Jordan Rich

Tune in to hear Robyn answer the questions most consumers have but never venture to ask!

PRESS RELEASE: Wheat Foods Council Wheat Safari Takes National Media on Tour of ND Wheat Industry

Twenty-six of the nation’s most influential food and nutrition professionals visited the Fargo area this week as part of the second Wheat Safari, hosted by the Wheat Foods Council (WFC).

Advanced Healthcare Network, December 2011

Joyful, Competent Holiday Eating

Advanced Healthcare Network, November 2011

Nighttime Noshing
When is it something serious?

Advanced Healthcare Network, September 2011

Health Benefits of Tea
From cardiovascular health to cognition, it’s wise to drink up

Advanced Healthcare Network, August 2011

Forks Over Knives
Getting consumers to think about what they eat

Advanced Healthcare Network, July 2011

The New Nutrition Circle
Goodbye pyramid, hello plate.

Advanced Healthcare Network, June 2011

Advising Patients About Diet Books
Sound Nutrition Advice Should Be No. 1 Concern

Advanced Healthcare Network, May 2011

Meal Replacements
When are they appropriate?

Advanced Healthcare Network, March 2011

Fortified Foods
Do They Deserve the Hype?

Advanced Healthcare Network, February 2011

Nutrition With Commitment

Advanced Healthcare Network, January 2011

Nutrition with Intention

Advanced Healthcare Network, December 2010

Holiday Eating Tips
What will work for our patients?

Advanced Healthcare Network, November 2010

The Color of Health in One Super Food

Advanced Healthcare Network, October 2010

Do You Need a Multivitamin?
Consider several issues

Advanced Healthcare Network, July 2010

Determining a Healthy Body Weight

Today's Dietitian, Issue June 2010

Changes, they are a comin’! Hear what Robyn has to say about restaurants and retailers displaying calorie counts on menus, and other changes to expect

Advanced Healthcare Network, May 2010

Sound Nutrition Advice