New Year’s Intentions – My Promises to You

When you flipped the calendar to 2021 – how did that change feel to you? You may have felt relief. Hope. Perhaps even unsettled as the first week of January evolved. However you are feeling, explore those feelings. I hope 2021 is full of wonderful things for you. 

I’d like to share my five top intentions for 2021. These are focused on my private practice services and how I intend to be present, resourceful and a “nutrition mentor” (and psychopharmacologist) for you in the new year. My hope is that by being clear and purposeful, even more learning will arise from these for you and for me

Virtual Sessions Intentions 

In the past, I would not have ever ‘met’ a patient for an initial appointment virtually. I felt  it lacked a lot in terms of body language, family systems (when meeting with kids and their parents), and establishing trust.  

You and I have now been meeting virtually since March of last year. I have learned that virtual sessions, even from the beginning of meeting a client or patient, can and do offer safety, comfort and convenience. As well, they provide intimate support between the patient and clinician without needing to be face-to-face.  

Looking ahead, virtual appointments will continue across the board for initial and  follow-up appointments. I will also continue to provide brief check-in sessions for  medication changes or adjustments. Telehealth counseling is largely covered by insurance. 

Greater Boston Wellness Collaborative Intentions  

The Greater Boston Wellness Collaborative is a group of like-minded clinicians in the field of eating disorders. We have been meeting every other week at least for four years, and we continue to meet virtually during the pandemic. We even had a half day socially distanced retreat (masks on) around a fire pit in October!  

Our team has been seeing patients and families virtually and collaboratively. We have also been reviewing and updating our mission statement as a group. Our mission reads: 

Our mission is to provide exceptional multi-disciplinary care to individuals and families experiencing eating disorders, disordered eating, body image challenges and related issues. Together we will create solution-focused plans that support you in living a freer and more fulfilling life.  

You can also read this on the homepage of our (always in progress) website. My intention this year is to continue helping our group grow in depth and size such that when patients are in need of more of a collective group approach between outpatient and intensive outpatient levels of care, we will be able to support you seamlessly.  

Self Care Intentions 

I’ve always been a big proponent of non-western medicine and adjunct treatment processes. This winter I have recommended a bright white light and light therapy to nearly every patient I see. I’ve used one between October and April for years. I will keep looking for ways to take care of me and I will continue to recommend self-care to you.   

Genetic Testing Intentions  For my patients to whom I prescribe medication, knowledge of how a person metabolizes and responds to medication is important. I use Genomind testing with patients and find it even more useful now that the company has streamlined and upgraded their results. Some insurances cover this testing when necessary. 

Pet Therapy Intentions 

My pets (Ivy, Blizzard and Mittens) are always available to make appearances in virtual sessions with you upon request! Ivy the Portuguese Water Dog is now a Canine Good Citizen and is happy to help you with your healing!

When meeting you virtually for the first time, having one of my pets available builds trust and sets a more relaxed tone for our first meeting together. Yes, my three pets have their own Instagram page; Blizzard gets the most likes. Here is the picture of Blizzard and Eve from 2017 that receives more likes, follows and reposts than I can fathom!

On to 2021! My intentions above are in place to help you toward a happy and peaceful year. As always, I welcome your feedback on time that we spend together.