Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper SmallI refer to Thanksgiving as the ‘food holiday’. Between now and Christmas I often see what you could call an ‘uptick’ in clients’ relationships with food and their bodies. One piece I go back to routinely with folks is the definition of normal eating by Ellyn Satter.

The homework for a lot of my clients between now and the end of the year is to read this piece, again, if they have read it already, and to write one for themselves. Think about reading Ellyn’s definition and keeping it close this season.

Or, write one of your own, for yourself. The closer we relate to our bodies and food and the more gracious we are toward these two pieces alone and together – the stronger they become. Who is your village? Who keeps you together in terms of body, mind, and food (nutrition, belly, soul!)? Let these precious folks know who they are for you  – keeping them close during a time of the year for gratitude.