Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

MorselThis year at the Food Expo portion of FNCE I came across some cool food brands and kitchen ‘essentials’.

Former intern, Jenna Gorham, now consults for Simple Mills, a gluten free baking mix company. They also have gluten free crackers, icing, and already made cookies. For your gluten free and celiac patients this is a fabulous line and even does well with nut-free folks.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kodiak Cakes, has a tremendous amount of protein packed, wheat full, baking and breakfast mixes as well as on-the-go cups. For your vegetarian teens who are not celiac affected check out this brand.

Safe Catch is a fish company testing fish for mercury – the only brand which offers this level of testing for omega-3 loaded tuna and salmon found in both pouches and cans. For quick and easy ways to get omega-3-rich fish, this is a wonderful option.

Dr. Praeger’s has been a tried and true veggie forward company for years with a whole line of new products for your vegetarian needs all able to be stored in the freezer. Think bowls, veggie cakes, and a black bean quinoa burger that looks and tastes amazing.

We use SunButter in our home as we have peanut allergies and I learned of the newer smaller cups of this product for on the go use as well as the crazy amount of vitamins and minerals it packs compared to other nut butters across the board.

Last, for those who need lactose alternatives, look for A2 milk which keeps the A2 protein in as the A1 protein (eliminated from this product) has been shown to implicate digestive discomfort in some folks. I also came across Green Valley Lactose Free Creamery and was over the moon with their kefir from taste to texture.

If you are looking to make your own nut milk or butter (another one of my favorite foods) try out NutraMilk. I tried freshly ground almond milk and it was the best I have ever tasted.

My daughter has appreciated the lollipops I brought her home from Dr. Johns. Sugar-free, with fruit and fiber included, they are also a dentist’s favorite. Eve’s favorite are the cherry.

FNCE meant lots of food tasting for me! I hope some of these brands catch your eye and palate. All are sold in most major food stores across the US.