Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper SmallIf you know me at all you know that I get really excited about food and cooking. Right now I am all in with my Phillips Air Fryer. For the first few weeks after buying it, I was obsessed with perfecting French fries and I think I have it down now! The chicken nuggets? Just amazing and homemade. When I cook I double and triple batch because I don’t cook every night. Then, we have a freezer of meals or meal short cuts for busier nights.

Last night my daughter and I were the only ones home so I tried burgers in the air fryer. Hello, heaven. I’m not sure I’m going to use my outside grill again till May! Don’t have enough counter space for another kitchen appliance, you say? Store it elsewhere and take it out when you need it. This is what I do with my favorite new tool – my air fryer – which was originally recommended to me by Jane Pelcher, RDN, otherwise known as ‘JanetheDietitian’ on Instagram. Jane’s cooking inspires me! Maybe it will for you, too.