Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper SmallJenna Gorham, dietetic intern, is currently reading Making Peace with Your Plate by Robyn Cruze and Espra Andrus.

The book alternates chapters with one chapter written by a woman who struggled with her eating disorder for 18 years and the next chapter written by a therapist. The stories are relatable and the advice is on point. A must read for anyone who may be struggling or interested in learning more.
In the book, Robyn Cruze explains her eating disorder…

“My eating disorder was like a guest I’d invited to party at my home on weekends, but who ended up living there permanently, rent-free. Then slowly, quietly it began to dictate my every move. At the beginning of its stay, my guest was fun and promised me a good time and ways to feel like I fit in. I welcomed that. And then it turned on me when I didn’t want to do the things it wanted me to do…It said no one would like me because I’m a fat, lazy loser…And like in other abusive relationships, I lived with the eating disorder knowing I would do anything it said in order to get and keep my goal weight.” 

Therapist, Espra Andrus, recommends many powerful tips necessary for recovery, such as – “Throwing away ideas of ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ or ‘forbidden’ foods is in the best interest of your recovery.”

What does recovery mean to you?