Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper SmallThis month we wanted to feature two new products we’ve recently tried and loved: Ella Bella Baking Mixes and Kitchen Table Bakers™ ParmCrisp

The ParmCrisps are handmade in small batches and slow oven-baked. ParmCrisps come in nine different flavors, but my favorite was rosemary. They are available at any Whole Foods near you.

Ella Bella baking mixes use high-quality ingredients to make baked goods. Mandy, the creator of Ella Bella, says “My personal philosophy of providing my family with the best food possible is reflected in my professional vision for Ella Bella.” Baking mixes can be ordered on the Ella Bella website here.

For those of you who may need to avoid gluten, both of these products happen to be gluten- free. But as always, please feel free to contact me with any gluten related (or other) questions. Many people mistakenly blame gluten for a vast assortment of their health related issues. We’d be happy to help you figure out what nutrition plan is right for you. These products are delicious nonetheless.