Robyn’s Monthly Morsel

Pepper Small With everyone heading back to school this month and fall sports beginning, I wanted to feature an article written by the former quarterback for the UConn football team, Casey Cochran. Through his years of playing football he suffered multiple concussions, and the long term side effects that can accompany them. He ultimately made the decision to leave his football career behind at only 20 years old.

Read Casey’s article here.

Everyone experiences concussions differently. Some may not observe any side effects at all while other’s side effects may be life changing. Nutrition is essential to the body’s healing process for any type of injury or illness.

Here are three nutrition tips for good brain health:

  1. Include healthy fats – Nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil, chia seeds, etc. are all great sources of healthy fats. Studies have shown omega 3s to help with memory, mood, attention, and more.
  2. Get 5 servings of fruits/vegetables each day – Providing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, fruits and vegetables are essential for healing.
  3. Sleep well – Our bodies need rest to recover, repair, and prepare for the next day. A good night’s sleep improves learning, concentration, decision making, mood, and creativity.

Of note, ESPN is featuring E Casey’s story on Sunday, Oct 9th, on Outside the Lines at 9 am.