Robyn’s Monthly Morsel: September is National Breakfast Month

Start Your Day Off Right!






September is National Breakfast Month, a good time to dedicate personal and or family efforts to having breakfast each morning, as many folks adapt to a new back-to-school routine.

What makes a healthy breakfast? Grains and protein should be a part of every breakfast meal. Grains are an important part of daily dietary needs; most adults need at least six servings each day and at least half of them should be from whole grains. It’s hard to fulfill that without getting two or more servings at breakfast. Protein and fiber mean staying power. Breakfast will keep you feel energized all morning.

Here are some examples of tasty, nutritious breakfast foods incorporating whole grains, fiber and protein for busy mornings * :

  • Whole wheat toast topped with nut butter and cottage cheese (if allergic to nuts try Sunbutter in creamy or crunchy – totally delicious!)
  • Breakfast Parfaits: Layer a scoop of plain Greek yogurt, a handful of fresh berries or dried fruit and half a cup of favorite cereal or granola
  • English muffin topped with peanut butter or melted cheese
  • Whole wheat tortilla covered with grated cheese, warmed and then topped with chopped tomato
  • Muffin made with pecans, walnuts or other nuts

*Add a piece of fruit or a ½ – 1 cup of fruit to all the choices above for even more balance in an attempt to start your day getting in 5 fruits/veggies a day