Robyn’s Monthly Morsel: When You Need to Reset

Pepper Small

If you know me well you know I love the game of tennis!  A friend who plays and also coaches reminded me a few days ago during our doubles game to be more gentle with myself on the court when missing a point. 

Instead of me calling myself ‘stupid’ after a missed shot she suggested I lightly touch my racket, think of my awesome backhand and say quietly but out loud ‘reset’.

I immediately also thought of my clients when they are trying to ‘reset’ after a tough time with food.

I would encourage you if you are having a tough day, meal, snack, or thoughts about body image or weight to simply tough your heart with your hand and say out loud, “I am resetting my thoughts as I think of my awesome (insert your awesomness here)!”.

Thoughts become things. Creating your own happiness with your body and your mind around food can take work but are achievable.