What are you seeking?

Eating disorders, body Image, medicine… they are all interconnected.

But with so many programs, techniques, and advice to choose from, things can get a little bit overwhelming.

That’s how we can help.

As nurse practitioners and registered dietitians with more than 25 years of experience, we offer supportive, individualized sessions and recommendations which translate your nutrition and/or mood goals into daily, positive, wellness routines and habits.

We use a calm, mentoring approach, one based on medical science and psychopharmacology (“medicine for the mind”). Our work together will be “big picture,” incorporating collaboration with your current team, supplements, movement goals, medicine & medical history, motivational techniques, and referrals to alternative therapies. We work independently as part of your care team or as a team for you with other clinicians. 

We may be able to help if…

… you have weight & body image concerns.

… you feel you may have an eating disorder, whether or not it has been professionally diagnosed.

… you are in need of an assessment and (possibly) ongoing care, and are curious to see if medicine may be a path to managing your challenges.

“Robyn never says never and always finds ways for me to fit in the foods I enjoy. She helped me learn more about reading food labels, portions at home and while at work enabling me to find ways to fit even more healthy foods into my daily life.”

—John, Boston, MA

“Robyn is everything I am looking for in a nutritionist to assist me through my recovery from an eating disorder. She personalizes her work and shows complete commitment to her client by making herself easily accessible. I feel safe discussing my eating disorder with her as she encourages my thoughts with an open mind. “

—Erin, Boston, MA