Robyn offers supervision for new and experienced clinicians focusing on eating disorders and psychopharmacology as it relates to these. She also mentors clinicians in private practice, or those looking to make the leap, and how to piece this together as an entrepreneur. 

“Robyn was an incredibly helpful support as I transitioned to private practice. I benefited from our supervision sessions immensely. During our time working together, we discussed many components of setting up a private practice, from medical record documentation, best strategies for virtual platforms, communication strategies, and how to navigate changing national regulations when considering patient care, prescribing, and associated documentation. I also benefited immensely from getting her feedback on difficult cases. Having worked in private practice for an extensive period of time, Robyn also has an impressive network of colleagues from many different disciplines, which helped significantly when I wanted to refer my clients to additional specialty providers. I am incredibly grateful to have worked with Robyn. Professionals seeking supervision from Robyn will undoubtedly feel very supported and will gain a wealth of knowledge.”

— Emily V. Pardue, PMHNP-BC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 

“As a dietetics student, I found my time with Robyn incredibly invaluable and important to my career as a dietitian. She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running her own practice, networking with other providers, and navigating complicated cases. The opportunity to be her intern was inspiring, as she provided insight to the balance of grace, empathy, and correct wording that’s necessary when working with clients.”

— Lauren Timmerman, MS, RDN, CDN; Exos Registered Dietitian 

“Robyn is a seasoned dietitian, nurse practitioner and business owner who is well known throughout the area. The reason for her name recognition is clear and simple: she is great at what she does. Overflowing with pragmatic insights, Robyn exudes passion and commands a great ability to communicate her countless lessons and words of wisdom garnered from her thousands of hours of experience as a stellar practitioner and world-class business owner. As a fellow dietitian and business owner, I knew I had to reach out to Robyn for guidance when I encountered new challenging problems in these domains. She is responsive, kind, comprehensive and has an absolute wealth of knowledge both in the realms of clinical and business practices. I would strongly recommend hiring Robyn for business and clinical supervision as her expertise is simply unmatched. The investment will undoubtedly reap huge dividends for many years to come.”

— Matt Stranberg, MS, RDN, LDN, CSCS, CSSD; Consultant in Private Practice  

“Robyn helped kick start my career like no other preceptor or mentor. She is warm and welcoming, patient and kind, supportive, and truly wants her mentees and other practitioners to succeed. She is an impressive business owner and practitioner and a trailblazer in the field combining nutrition counseling with pharmacology. If you are a practitioner eager to improve patient outcomes or build your practice, Robyn is your go-to support system and mentor!”

— Jenna Gorham, Registered Dietitian & Founder, The RD Link — the dietitian access network for health and wellness brands

“Robyn was a valuable advocate and mentor while I was in school completing my DPD and Masters in nutrition science. As a student who is getting started in the nutrition field, it’s pivotal to have someone to turn to for questions, advice, networking, etc. Robyn was that person. She sought out learning/career opportunities and connected me with other individuals in the nutrition space that helped shape my career path. I am so grateful for her support!”

— Brittany Barrett, MS RDN; Health Coach at Virta Health

“I found supervision with Robyn to be extremely helpful! She supported me in my transition from inpatient eating disorder work to her outpatient group practice. She has so much knowledge and experience in the field, and so many resources to offer! She helped me develop confidence in my skills as an RD through her validation, compassionate support, and very useful and practical recommendations! I was able to grow my caseload with the support of Robyn, feel confidence in the care I provide, and learn the business side of owning a practice. Robyn’s mentorship has allowed me to start my own thriving practice, and I truly owe much of this success to my time working with and being supervised by Robyn.”

— Mekenzie Smith Gustafson, MS, RDN, LDN, Private Practice Dietitian