The NPRD Podcast is live!

The inspiration for The NPRD podcast occurred following my interview with Olympic skier, Jessie Diggins. Jessie sought treatment for her own ED; she shares her inspiring and powerful story here. I was proud of my first foray into interviewing and was so energized by it, too! I thus decided to create my own podcast to share others’ stories to inspire and help YOU heal.

I started The NPRD podcast as a way to reach clinicians and those in treatment and recovery. I share private practice pearls and practical, evidence-based information. Each episode will educate, inspire and reassure you, the listener, that there is always hope in the treatment of eating disorders.

I’d love for you to have a listen and let me know what you think by following, rating and reviewing! I can’t wait to bring more episodes to you.

And stay tuned! In July, I’ll be focusing on body image issues. 

Use this link to listen to The NPRD on your preferred podcast platform.