The NPRD Podcast draws on my experience as both a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and a Registered Dietitian (RD). Twice a month, I will guide you on your recovery journey, providing practical, evidence-based information about eating disorders, body image, and psychopharmacological (medicine for the mind) health.

Catherine Wood, 07/09/2021

Love Robyn’s warm, kind, holistic and research-driven approach!

What a joy hearing Robyn’s entrepreneurial journey as a trail blazer in her field and through the linkages between nutrition, lifestyle and medicine! How lucky are we all to now be able to benefit from Robyn’s warm, kind, holistic and research-driven approach regardless of where we are located in the world.

RD Kate, 07/07/2021

NPRD Podcast

Robyn is extremely experienced in the field of eating disorders and I’m excited to hear what the podcast has in store for episode topics, and to learn as an RD in the field! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

concordkatie, 07/04/2021

NPRD Podcast

I loved the podcast that Robin Kievit did about the topic of eating disorders and body image as well as medicine. Her background is very impressive especially since she is both a Nurse Practitioner as well as a RD.

The approach she describes to helping people with body image and eating is so interesting and I can’t wait to hear more! It’s nice to find a credible source when it comes to learning about nutrition and what people are told to eat and why!

Nurse DM, 07/02/2021

What an amazing introduction

What an amazing introduction to Robyn and her skills! We are so very lucky to have her in the field bringing a unique perspective from both of her specialties. Trailblazer in marrying these two fields, makes so much sense!