Three Big Announcements

1. Nutrition Mentor is now…The NPRD!  My new name and brand incorporates much more of where my practice has been flowing and certainly the direction of continued growth. As a nurse practitioner and registered dietitian working in private practice using both modalities, my new name is a reflection of the care that I deliver.

If you were unaware that I am an NP, here is how I bring that aspect of my training and experience to our sessions: 

  • As a nurse practitioner (since 1999!) I have been prescribing medication to patients who are in need of this amplified and additional type of care.
  • Patients benefit from having me as a prescriber for medication with a dietetics background given the way I view their present journey and future recovery.
  • As a dietitian myself, this makes working with other dietitians on care teams easier and seamless knowing their language and thought process. 
  • Eating disorders are complex diseases and working with ‘eyes on’ from both lenses (The NPRD) enables consistency, clarity and movement toward recovery.
  • I let patients know medication does 20% and they do the rest of their own work. Also, and most importantly, there is always hope. I truly believe this.

2. I am starting a podcast! My new podcast, “The NPRD,” delivers nourishing information about eating disorders, body image and psychopharmacological health. I am here to help you on your recovery journey as your “The NPRD,” ensuring you feel supported and guided from both a food and medicine perspective.

Give a listen to learn what’s to come on what will be a regular broadcast starting in June!

3. We are increasing our session availability for nutrition. Dietitian Mekenzie Smith has been working with me now for over a year and in April increased her hours significantly. Mekenzie is accepting new patients but her practice is quickly filling up. Mekenzie will continue to focus on the nutrition aspects of eating disorders and body image. Please be in touch with her directly to schedule: 

Thank you for your support of all of the ways in which my practice has and will continue to grow. I’m truly happy you’re here with us and welcome any suggestions around these announcements. Wishing you a wonderful spring!