Trading expectations for appreciation (and a gift from me to you)

Last December,  I was infatuated with Foodie Dice, and I still kind of am. They give us an opportunity to roll with it, literally, and choose meals based on combinations of interesting, wholesome ingredients.

This December I’m all about spices.

I came across  RawSpiceBar a few months ago and I am in love with this as the most unique foodie gift idea. For a few months up to a year you can get monthly flavor kits delivered to your home. The kits allow you to discover the flavors of a new region. They each include 3 freshly ground spices with unique, globally-inspired recipes.

The images below explain all about how RawSpiceBar works (please click the image to enlarge):

How It Works
Click on their link above and use the code ‘flavor6’ for a discount from me to you. Enjoy!

In last year’s December e-Newsletter, I focused on Joyful Holiday Eating. Read more on how being positive with food through the holidays can only help YOU. This year, try focusing on trading any food or body image expectations for pure appreciation around both being in the present (in the moment!) and all the work you’ve done.

Additionally, here are two previous December e-Newsletter editions from back when I was writing regularly for the ADVANCE network for nurse practitioners. These are more clinician based and relay ways for those of us working with clients and patients with weight concerns to help them get through what can be a challenging time of year.

Joyful, Competent Holiday Eating

Holiday Eating Tips

On a final note, last Saturday I was so fortunate to speak giving a continuing education program to other registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) colleagues on ‘Eating Disorders in College Health’ for the WAMDA (Western Area Massachusetts Dietetics Association ). I’m so proud to say every one of the evaluations I got back was positive.

Keep reading my monthly e-Newsletter’s for upcoming speaking engagements. I’ll be sharing more about these early in the new year for 2017. Start looking forward to your ‘intentions’ for January. I’ve already started to think about mine! In the interim, keep shifting expectations to appreciation.