A New Suit for Spring

K and I met in 2016 as a referral from their therapist after a mild unplanned weight loss. In our years of working together, through different adjunctive levels of care, K has had a communicative team and sought to reflect their journey to live a full life. K is nonbinary and has been transitioning, including getting gender affirming top surgery. Currently, they are preparing to begin surgery for phalloplasty.

To say that K has not felt comfortable in their body used to be an understatement. Now that they are in a body more reflective of themself and are continuing to forge ahead with what’s best for them, there is a better sense of body image, nourishment and more than anything overall well-being. 

This month, K let me know they purchased a new suit and had it tailored to fit them. After years of feeling uncomfortable in their clothing and not having clothes to fit their changing body, this was a huge feat. K felt like they deserved their new suit and wore it proudly to a very public occasion. 

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year’s theme being #MoreThanEnough, K’s story felt poignant. While K has had doubts along the way, they now know they are enough. K’s path has not been easy, but by utilizing the right resources and tools to guide them, K is finally in a place of belonging and deserving. If seeking more services, guidance, care, nourishment – any kind of assistance to improve mental health is needed, don’t give up because you are #MoreThanEnough. There may just be a brand new suit – that fits – waiting for you.