There was a little girl…

There was a little girlWho had a little curlRight in the middle of her foreheadWhen she was goodShe was very, very goodAnd when she was bad, she was horrid The above nursery rhyme, from what was initially a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, feels similar to an eating disorder for me.  If you’re ‘good’, you’re… Continue reading… There was a little girl…

Why I Took a Social Media Sabbatical (and Happy New Year!)

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Often I find it too stimulating and full of comparisons. Most of the time, it makes me miss my communities rather than feel like I’m surrounded by like minded folks. Because of my ambivalence, I took a ‘sabbatical’ from professional posting from August of 2023 through… Continue reading… Why I Took a Social Media Sabbatical (and Happy New Year!)

A New Suit for Spring

K and I met in 2016 as a referral from their therapist after a mild unplanned weight loss. In our years of working together, through different adjunctive levels of care, K has had a communicative team and sought to reflect their journey to live a full life. K is nonbinary and has been transitioning, including… Continue reading… A New Suit for Spring

What would a 10 year old say?

A conversation happened at my daughter’s summer camp in August of 2022 between Eve and another camper. This conversation gave her pause so we talked it through and continue to have open conversations about nourishment and body image at home. Thankfully, Eve appreciates her 10 year old body in its changing ways, as all bodies… Continue reading… What would a 10 year old say?

2022 Wins!

This year I learned to embrace wins in my life. I even have a special journal titled ‘Robyn’s WINS’. Taking note of my wins has been a harder task for me occasionally shadowed by self doubt, fear of vulnerability, and imposter syndrome. I’m working with a business coach this year and she encouraged me to… Continue reading… 2022 Wins!