Why Can’t They Just Eat?

Does a consultant with lived experience to learn and understand levels of care and the varying types of programs available for eating disorder treatment exist? What kind of healing is available for families in these treatment facilities? Are there resources available to parents, caregivers and loved ones outside of treatment for their child of any age? The answer to all these questions is yes!

Ibbits Newhall has been in the field of eating disorders for many years. In our recording, she shares her own recovery journey and her daughter’s, both of which helped shape her career. We discuss the phrase ‘Go slow to go fast’ suggesting thoughtfulness in helping families and individuals find creative treatment solutions. Click HERE for the “Go Slow to Go Fast” episode.

Jeanettte Alonso, MSEd, LMHC, Clinical Director of Galen Hope, shares her experience and clinical pearls after years of working with families in eating disorder treatment. We discuss how pivotal conversation and vulnerability between parents or caregivers and children of any age is in changing the trajectory towards healing. Click HERE for the “Changing the Trajectory” episode.

Jane Reagan, RDN, CEDS, MEd Counseling, and I discuss her self paced training, with live support, made for parents and caregivers, The Eating Disorder Recovery Roadmap for Parents, to aid in the eating disorder recovery of their children. While parents can’t heal their children, finding resources to learn around the journey to recovery are very much available. Click here for the “Why Can’t They Just Eat” episode.

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